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Spring Life Counseling

About Us


Why Spring Life?

The name Spring Life reflects our purpose and the experience that we are hopeful to provide for those we are given the opportunity to care for.  

  • Respite / Care – We purpose that the care provided by Spring Life Counseling would be experienced as a time of walking beside and drinking from a "spring," a time to be refreshed and to find the resources needed to live and experience life in the way God designed.

  • Equipping / Support – We desire that care provided by Spring Life Counseling would be a “spring” board for clients, a space to receive practical tools to “guard their heart”  toward a “wellspring” in life and relationships.

  • Breakthrough / Growth / Hope – We hope that the result of care provided by Spring Life Counseling would be a time of “spring” in clients' lives, a time of new and beautiful breakthrough, growth, and hope – sometimes following painful circumstances and perseverance / endurance / hard work to overcome.


Spring Life Counseling
Biblical Worldview

All of Spring Life Counseling's counselors approach their work from a Biblical worldview.  In addition to supporting the individuals, couples, and families who trust us for their care with empirically researched and validated models of counseling, we also seek to reflect the attunement and care that God manifested through Jesus, whose earthly life demonstrated that He wants us to experience His nearness during life’s most peaceful, abundant times and during life’s most complicated, difficult, or painful circumstances. 

Spring Life Ministries, Inc. / Spring Life Counseling is not a part of any specific denomination.  The SLM / SLC Statement of Faith describes the sincerely held religious beliefs of our organization.  Clients may discuss specific questions regarding the Statement of Faith with their counselor.

Autonomy of Clients

SLC Counselors practice from a Biblical model of counseling which is intended to support individuals, couples, and families who are seeking to grow in experiencing healthy and meaningful connection according to a Biblical worldview. 


For clients who do not desire that faith be integrated into counseling, we are respectful and not forceful in this integration.  It is our heart to balance clarity and transparency about the worldview of our counselors with dignity, respect, autonomy, and beneficial care for our clients.​  

You matter to us.  Help us "meet you where you are" by feeling free to share any feedback, questions,, concerns, or needs related to the impact of Spring Life's Biblical worldview on your counseling process.

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