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Marriage Intensive Retreats

Relational Care Intensive retreats are three- and four-day therapeutic experiences that offer structured, focused opportunities for personal growth and relational enrichment.

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Marriage Intensive Schedule

A Spring Life Intensive group retreat for married couples is a four-day therapeutic program that offers a structured, focused opportunity for deeper healing.  Each group retreat includes 3- 4 couples and 2 therapists.  As a couple, you will find growth and freedom from dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving as you experience healthy alternatives within a caring, connected group. Participation in the intensive requires 8-12 hours of preparatory marital counseling with a Spring Life counselor or approved associate who has been trained in Spring Life's pre-intensive counseling model.

​To reserve your spot at an Intensive or for more information, please call 678.653.3272 or email

WinShape Retreat
near Atlanta, GA

2024 Dates

February 4 - 8
March 3 - 7
April 7 - 11
June 9 - 13
July 21 - 25
September 1 - 5
October 6 - 10
November 3 - 7
December 1 - 5

10 Reasons to consider a Marriage Intensive


You are feeling like you are at a "stuck place" in your marriage.

You have considered divorce.

You are concerned about the impact of your marital conflict or disconnection on your children.

You know that the things that you and your spouse learned in your childhoods are negatively impacting your marriage, but even though you have tried very hard, you haven't been able to break the cycle of conflict.

There has been emotional or physical infidelity, or hurt and pain due to pornography, in your marriage and you find yourself not wanting to divorce but unsure how to move forward.

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You see yourself approaching the empty nest years, and want to make sure you have a strong bond that will allow you to enjoy one another after your children have left home.


You feel that you have a strong bond as a couple, but are under ongoing stress from parenting a child with special physical, developmental, or emotional needs and could really benefit from a week of respite and encouragement. Many couples who have fostered or adopted "kids from hard places" have found a week of rest and rejuvenation at a marriage intensive, as well as becoming more equipped to care for the needs of their children in the process.


Even though you and your spouse have a strong bond, you have just walked through a season of pain, grief, or stress that has left you both in need of healing and a breath of fresh air for your hearts and marriage. Many couples have attended marriage intensives after unexpected and painful job transitions, loss of close family members, or other hard losses or transitions.


You and your spouse are in a ministry role where you are constantly serving others, but have found yourself close to burnout and realize that it would benefit you to have a week where you allow others to serve you.


You are having an absolute blast being married to your spouse, and your marriage has never been better....and you want to become more equipped to encourage and support younger or struggling couples in your sphere of influence.

Accelerated Relational Care (ARC) Process

Is your relationship in crisis?

Are you interested in what we do but live out of town?

The Accelerated Relational Care process was developed to provide additional support for relationships in crisis or for those who do not live locally.

Rather than meet weekly for an hour, we offer the option of longer sessions and intensive retreats to address underlying issues rather than settling for managing symptomatic behaviors.


The ARC process helps people experience biblical principles for healing and growth, replacing unhealthy patterns and brings hope and healing to broken relationships, wounded hearts, and damaged lives.


An assessment session begins in a safe, caring environment where you can express your needs, set goals, get help identifying underlying issues, and find relief for painful emotions. Our counselors will also share the biblical principles and therapeutic processes used to facilitate growth and healing.  This session typically lasts 2 hours.


The opportunity for deeper healing is available through our Intensive retreats. Find additional growth and freedom from dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving as you experience healthy alternatives within a caring, connected group. During the Intensive retreats participants have the opportunity to find freedom from pain and dysfunctional patterns acquired during childhood and gain a deeper understanding of “leaving father and mother” (Gen. 2:24). This experience also serves to deepen your intimacy with God by addressing unresolved early life experiences.​


Intensives for couples last 4 days, whereas those for families or individual adults typically last 3 days. Intensive retreats are an excellent option for those who live far from Spring Life Counseling's Georgia offices. 


Following the assessment, you may participate in one or more extended sessions to help you begin replacing unproductive patterns with healthy alternatives. This accelerated approach often benefits those facing relational challenges involving anger, conflict, distrust, controlling behavior, and emotional disconnects. You may gain new perspective as you work on healing hurts from the past, alleviating fear, experiencing truth-filled identity, and renewing hope and trust for the future.


After attending an Intensive Retreat, our counseling staff will continue to be available for any supplemental support needed to help incorporate new learnings and implement new skills into current relationships.​

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